About Cards or Die 

Cards or Die was born out of a longstanding passion for board and card games. With nearly 40 years* gaming experience, we provide a bespoke selection of games expertly tailored to your event and your guests.  

Formerly a secondary school teacher, I am a skilled facilitator. Adept at engaging Year 9 in Shakespeare on a rainy Friday afternoon, I create fun, memorable and well organised events for you and your guests. 

I am currently expanding our games collection so if there's anything you think is missing, give me a shout and I'll look out for it. Any excuse to wander round charity shops!

Cards or Die presents varied and exciting opportunities: weddings, parties, festivals, retirement homes, corporate training: any 'do' can benefit from some well chosen games. Within events we run tournaments or free play events. I'm thrilled at the prospect of sharing my nerdy gaming knowledge at your special event.

Check out my blog posts to find out more inane details from my life, and follow Cards or Die on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - you'll find us @cardsordie

*ok for the first 10 of those years I was begging anyone who came in the house to play something (anything) with me but it all counts.