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Playing games is better for you than going to the gym.

OK that's not the exact wording of the article but I think that's an acceptable precis if, like me, you should be doing something other than getting your head round a new set of rules (for me it's The Big Book of Madness)

Charity Shop Gold

Found these beauties in a charity shop. Pathfinder is a fun variation of Battleships; Deflection is an intense strategy game which I'm finding very challenging (in other words I keep getting beaten by child 2- I am of course *not* practising while he is at school, that would be childish) and Backgammon is apparently best played whilst wearing evening dress! Looks like a nail biting game! In the background I am being beaten at Magic The Gathering by the same child - there's a theme here...

The Arch-Bishop of cat related confusion

Thoroughly enjoying the expansion pack for Exploding Kittens (Imploding Kittens). The reversal card is a killer with the first person to get confused wearing the cone of shame. I was sure it was going to be me but luckily Child 1 was first!

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