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In which I reminisce about a halogen dais. Or something.

Like most people of my age, I was raised on board games. The sight of the MB logo makes me feel nostalgic and casts me back to an era when playing a game didn't involve any electricity but did require other people, (unless your brother had tricked you into playing 52 card pick up again -a trick you'd think would only work once), when you could watch the news at the cinema and leave your back door open. Actually, I'm not *that* old. We were the proud owners of this piece of modernity: I have been cataloguing all of my games here: What could have been a dull admin task has actually been a sojourn into my childhood. Boggle was a family favourite: portable and quick to play. I remember playing B

Escaping from Colditz and the Exclusion Illusion

There is nothing more enticing to a child than something forbidden. For my year 9s it was a poem. It was a lesson I taught many times. I would distribute anthologies from the AQA exam board and ask them to turn to page 37. In some anthologies they would find 'Education for Leisure' by Carol Ann Duffy, but in some - judiciously placed, post 2008 anthologies they would read 'This page has been intentionally left blank.' Some kids: "How come mine's blank?" "I haven't got a poem" "Why has she got a poem and I haven't?" "Let's see".... and much generic fussing culminating in a general consensus that it was 'tight' that they couldn't all have a poem. My response was to explain that some of them we

Blog the second - In which my Imposter Syndrome is cured and I apologise for over-sharing 'the m

It started with an innocuous event: I drove past a hairdresser's window with a sign which proudly began 'With over 10 years experience...' My automatic negative thoughts responded instantly: 'Oh my God, I've just started a business, I can't put that. I have no experience AT ALL. I'm an idiot...' Then, before the internal verbal abuse took hold, 'something very strange' happened: I answered. From deep within me, a different voice spoke, a voice I have tried (with varied success) to reach through countless CBT* strategies. And that strange but very welcome voice responded: 'With over 40 years experience of board gaming...' And there it was. Gone. Now, I'm not an idiot (contrary to what some pe

My New Year's Resolutions. You won't believe number 492!!*

(*I actually only made 5 but it's worked for everything I've clicked on ever). This year I don't want there to be a grey area when he's making his list (and checking it twice) so in a bid to remain firmly on the good list, I am making resolutions. Now this is not something I usually do. Previous resolutions have been largely modelled on my current lifestyle. (swear more, eat more chocolate, sit still more, continue to tread that difficult border of acceptable levels of personal hygiene etc...) But this year it's different - everything is different. In December I finished teaching; my career and mental health nemesis for the last 16 years. I don't normally make resolutions but change is good.

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