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Launch Party Update

I was going to write a long detailed blog with delicious recipes, life hacks and insights into life, the universe... you get the idea. Then I thought I'll 'just' do my flyer for the launch first. Hahaha 'just'. Hours later, and with a partner who now regrets asking me 'would it be better if you tilted that line up slightly?' it is done. And this is the blog. There are no insights. No recipes. No surprising revelation or amazing thing I did every day for a month and it changed my life. Just this: drawing with a chalk pen isn't as fun as it sounds. Feel free to offer constructive criticism or suggestions about this week's blog- my partner did and he's just dandy. A big pile of frustration: I g

The social media mirror: shameless self promotion meets self deprecation.

Recently, I have been spending more and more time shamelessly promoting myself. I have attended Networking events, shared potentially tedious moments from my life on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and spent time in the pub. And spent more time than that reflecting on what a knob I probably am. To persuade you (and me) that I'm not, I've organised us a very special night out... read on.... The perils and joys of Networking or Blowing your own trumpet: Networking has been a peculiar but positive experience. For someone with anxiety it is a very particular torture. I have met some lovely, friendly people and, as with most things I have anxiety dreams about, it turned out I didn't lose my job a

In which I think about gaming with my elders and review Cortex.

I've said it before and I'm saying it again - playing games is good for you; for your social skills and keeping your brain active. In the coming weeks I will be demonstrating the health and social benefits of games in a local retirement home. (By that I mean hanging out and playing games but it's totally justified and worthy). I'm also hoping to re-learn all those card games I used to know and love but have since forgotten. This excerpt from a report on Bradfield Residential Home which was rated outstanding by The Care Quality Commission (CQC) spells out the importance of activities in Care Homes: "A wide range of activities were available, based on people’s suggestions and requests, which p

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