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Top 5 Pub Games and A Comparison Graph.

When I read lists on the internet (an activity I spend more time doing than I care to admit) I often wonder what the criteria was. Maybe it's the teacher in me. (The eagle eyed among you have already spotted the 'what went well/ even better if' feedback model that I used on my feedback forms!). You can't reward anything without having a clear criteria that you have shared. If there's a top spot to be awarded, we all want to know how the winner got there. Which brings me to my criteria for the top 5 pub games. And as with all good success criteria, I may have made some of the words up. 1. Portability 2. Low threshold high ceiling (easy to learn but endless levels of possible challenge) 3. Soc

I can help you be more 'hip'.

(Or do the kids still say 'peng'? Either way I can definitely be your guide on the route to hip living.) 'But how can I be cooler?' 'Please, help me be more 'with it'' I hear you clamour. Here's how: play more games. Simple. At the moment board and card games are where it's at: just check out the number of amazing board game cafes springing up. I've accidentally become in vogue! This places me in a unique position to help you. You too can be debonair like me.* *any photographic evidence you may stumble upon that suggests I am uncool is ironic and therefore uber cool. If, like some poor unfortunate souls I have met recently, you don't like games I have a simple solution - a flow chart (what c

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