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Terrible Monster

Style and Substance As you've probably gathered by now if you follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook, one of the main criteria for a successful Cards or Die game is aesthetic value. Much can be forgiven if your cards or board are pretty and charming and I have definitely fallen for games which favour style over substance before. But, Terrible Monsters has style and substance - win win. Terrible Monster was unleashed on Kickstarter in 2016 by Sweet Lemon Publishing. The illustrations are by Isabel Bollmann. Cute Beast - Beautiful but deadly One of my other priorities when choosing games for the business is that they are low threshold, high ceiling - by which I mean: easy to learn but wit

Festival Dreams

You wake up late to the smell of coffee and the sizzle of bacon crisping up. The sun streams into the tent, as you unzip it, fresh air floods in. Gentle music drifts towards you, the folkiness of a melodeon or a favourite song you had almost forgotten. Someone hands you a fresh coffee and a bacon butty made with love and soft white bread and you sit in the doorway of the tent on an airbed that hasn't deflated at all overnight, watching the festival site waking up. Isn't this what happens to you every morning at festivals? OK, ok, this is not a true record of my own experience. I have Earl Grey not coffee. The bed is flat and feels like rocks, and the sound that often seems to herald the morn

Summertime Rolls

It's Summer. I know it must be because lots of Morris Dancers got up at ridiculous o'clock this morning to dance the sun up for us. And that's got me thinking about Summertime games for those lazy summer evenings. While you read on, why not have a background track to get you in the Summer mood... Neighbours the Board Game What evokes summer more than throwing a shrimp on the barbie, watching Bouncer splash about in the pool with Scott and Charlene, and cracking out a classic retro game? Everybody needs good neighbours and you can join forces with yours in The Neighbours board game to create the best plotline ever. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and it's had good reviews from eve

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