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More tea Vicar? Elevenses: the card game of morning tea.

A light game that you can play between games and it won't spoil your appetite. The Basics Elevenses is a game for 2 to 4 guests. It takes up to 30 minutes, but often less. It is a fine blend of strategy, risk and a dash of luck. As you might expect from any game I've chosen, it is beautifully illustrated with willowy 1920s ladies, scrumptious biscuits and a dashing servant. Each round the players vie for sugar cubes. To earn sugar cubes you must have the highest value of cards (indicated by teaspoons in the top right of the card) on display in your spread when someone declares 'Elevenses!'. The Clever Bits Low value cards feature an action which benefits you when you place it face up in your

Dixit. A game of beauty, voting and darkness.

Words can not adequately express my love for this game. But as it is a game all about communication, I'll give it my best shot. Dixit is a board game based on voting, communication and gorgeous art. How perfectly appropriate for this week. The cards are beautiful and sometimes dark. Handbag vomit card is one of my favourites (I don't think this is it's official name). Mainly because it resonates with my own personal handbag issues: One of the lovely things about Dixit is the odd nature of it: many of the illustrations are very strange; you keep score by moving wooden rabbits (rabbeeples if you will) round the board. Why? Why not. Dixit has a fantasy 'once upon a time' feel that encourages pl

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