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Blog the 27th*: in which I review Chronology and justify why I need all these games.

In about May of this year, I hit 150 games. I had aimed to amass this amount because after all I am a travelling games lady. I know there has been some discussion online recently about the gaming community and the pressure people feel to build a large collection of games. Collecting games is not necessary and I want the gaming community to be as inclusive as possible. Gaming can be expensive which is why I focus on offering events than are free to visitors because venues pay me. If it wasn't for Cards or Die, I would have significantly less games. Instead I would be hanging out at events like mine or games clubs and sharing games with others. I look at it this way, I have loads of games so t

Ready for something a little more piratey? Tortuga 1667.

Ahoy Landlubbers, settle ye down while I tell ye about Tortugaaarrrhhh. What better day be there for reviewing a pirate game. Why? It's only talk like a pirate day! Arrrhh-where's me rum? Don't worry I'm packing it in now. There will be no more pirate talk. (Well, maybe a bit). It would be criminal if I did not start with the box. To say it is beautifully presented sells it short. The box is a fake antique book with a distressed leather bound look. Inside there is more than adequate room for the gorgeous play mat, pieces and cards. It couldn't be any more beautiful. It even closes with a satisfyingly secure thunk. No elastic bands holding this lid on! Another lovely feature of the game is ho

To summerise... how to build character over the Summer Hols without getting cold or wet.

This summer holiday I have added yet more games to the Cards or Die menu of gaming loveliness, most of which have been pocket sized and easy to travel with. Two of our recent additions are Fluxx (Zombie) and We Didn't Playtest This At All. Based on similar theories of brutality, speed and chaos they are both great fun and I am convincing myself that they are character building. I'm basing this on the fact that so far everytime we've played, at least one of the children has stormed off in a strop or fought back tears of defeat whilst wailing 'But I had a plan' or 'I'd nearly won'. As a parent, I feel I am duty bound to describe this as character building. Amazingly, and perhaps despite their

Mr Jack (Pocket)- where is Irene Adler?

Ahhh, pressing bits of cardboard out of other bits of cardboard- bliss. Two weeks ago I stumbled across Mr Jack (Pocket) in Just Games - the games shop in Whitby. (Click on the picture above to visit their excellent website.) As we love 221B Baker Street and Cluedo in our house, it seemed like a good choice. The portable size and the price appealed too. Mentioning it on twitter, I found that it is already a favourite of lots of gamers and having played it countless times in the scant two weeks we've had it, I can see why. The Facts Players: 2 - Mr Jack and The Inspector Time: 15mins Age: 14+ Difficulty: D20 While it is easy to learn the basics and easily accessible, you can also play with a

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