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How do you assign value to your time?

Since starting Cards or Die, I have had numerous conversations about the value of time. How do we decide what to charge for our time? Whatever price you set sends out a message to your customers - too low and they may question your quality; too high and they may baulk at the price. And of course, as ever the anxiety monster looms large in my decision making: what am I worth? The monster has a loud answer to that. 18 years ago, I started teaching. I had looked at what the job entailed and the salary and accepted the job. At that time, if I ran a revision class in the holidays or after hours I earned extra money: £15 for an hour; £120 for a full day. My time had a clear price and value. When s

Can Sub Terra adequately prepare you for the apocalypse?

There are three things which I feel summarise my excitement about Sub Terra which was recently brought to life through KickStarter: 1. After two play throughs I ordered ultra violet lights. 2. After the first game I've had requests that next games night we build a blanket fort in The Abbey Inn and play in there with the new lights and the soundtrack (Another stretch goal that was unlocked.) 3. I keep making people feel the cards and tiles. (2mm punch board, black core boards and matt finish, black core card; all bonus stretch goal features which make this game a delight to hold). You think I'm weird. I'm not weird. Once you've stroked the cards you'll see that this is a normal reaction. Such

Are we communicating too much? Sub Terra vs. The World

As the new assistant manager of a small hotel many moons ago, I was taught a lesson that has stuck with me. I can't remember the exact words the owner used but she told me that basically people will put up with all manner of blunders and inconvenience as long as you are honest and you communicate with them. Communication was at the core of their 14 bedroomed empire. I still stand by that advice. For me, things can be pretty rubbish but if the person I am dealing with takes responsibility (I never want to hear the words 'It's not my fault'), is honest and polite and is going to rectify matters then I'll put up with most things. A stint in housing benefits consolidated this for me. Dealing wit

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