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Bring it 2018! I'm ready for you.

So, it's that time of year again when we discuss resolutions. One year I asked the children about what resolutions they were making: Child A: 'You should have blonde hair' Child B: 'Yeah and clean the house more' Me: 'Not for me, for you... FOR YOU!' So, I won't be asking them again! Instead, I shall consult wiser oracles... first up Wilkos... 1. Do more of what makes you happy As soon as I saw this mug I knew that I could make this a permanent resolution. The nice thing about this resolution is, it's not measurable. AT ALL. So, when I complete my positives journal (which I try to do daily but realistically do sporadically) I can congratulate myself on my small successes. As long as I do som

Don't miss the Cards or Die 'back to the grindstone offer'!

So, your team have emerged from their cheese induced stupor, worked out what day it is and arrived back at work. But focussing after the aimless drift of the Christmas period is tough. Give your team a short break that will recharge their batteries; boost their brain power, productivity and team spirit. Let Cards or Die provide a one hour lunch break gaming session for groups of up to 15 people for just £75. We will bring a bespoke selection of games from retro favourites, modern classics and plenty of quick strategic gems to get everyone firing on all cylinders ready for a productive afternoon. Just a taster of what we offer - we also offer away day, training packages and bespoke training g

Gifts for two game lovers. (And two lovers of games).

A wise old bear once said that it was much friendlier with two. As it is in Winnie the Pooh, so too it is in boardgames. I often come across games which are better with more players and it can be hard to think of games for couples: so here are some suggestions for pairs of game lovers. Abalone Always the first game out at every event. Some people use this as a warm up game, and others play it happily all night until someone tips the table over... As with all the best games there is a simple premise and truckloads of strategy. Push your partners marbles off the board before they push yours off. You may move up to three of your own marbles together in order to push your opponents off the board

Wondering what to buy the little legs in your life this Christmas? Games of course!

Friends have been asking me 'What games should I get my kids this Christmas?' I know that the subtext here is a. what will keep my darlings gainfully occupied? b. what will I enjoy if I decide to play too? and c. what doesn't require 2 hours of rule reading and painful adjudication? Luckily for you, I've got the answer. In fact, 5 answers because that's the sort of friend I am! The games I've chosen are quick to learn, will be out of the box more than they're in it and are also portable, so you can take them to family get-togethers and all play or leave the kids to it. And once they're safely tucked up in bed, regardless of how much festive spirit you imbibe you'll be able to settle down to

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