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Diesel Demolition Derby

Awesome artwork and Alliteration - if only it had puns I could end my search for the perfect game. Diesel Demolition takes about 30 minutes to play and is quick to learn. It says suitable for ages 14 and up but really it is a straightforward mechanic; 8 or 9 year olds would manage it. 2 to 6 people can play and as it true of so many games - the more the merrier - or the more the more deaths (which is essentially the same thing. Isn't it?) Game Play Diego is keen to just get playing, she's a busy cat, she doesn't have time for complex rule books. Each turn you choose a combatant from your hand. Everyone places their chosen combatant face down in front of you. All reveal combatants simultaneou

Games for Weddings

5 reasons why if you treat yourself to one extra 'thing' at your wedding, it's got to be board games. 1. Memories are made of this. What do you want people to remember from your wedding? You want them to remember what a fun day it was, the people they met and spent time with, how special that shared time with you and your family was. Games are fun; games bring people together: that's the whole point. For many families Christmas is the only time they get the board games out. Why? Because we associate board games with fun, with family, with quality time and memories. I'm not suggesting that I bring Risk or Escape From Colditz and we all settle down for a six hour intensive, strategic battle (w

The Games Convention Survival Kit

Last year I volunteered at UK Games Expo in Birmingham. It was fantastic. I met loads of lovely gamers, had a great time helping people find their way round and played some fab games too. I also picked up some bargains at the Bring and Buy. This year I am braving Aire Con as a punter, it will be strange not having a role or a function. But I'm going in equipped with some valuable info after last year. I'm taking a survival kit (worth £25) and one lucky winner (in the UK) will receive one too. Simply like, share and follow on facebook to be in with a chance: click on the fb logo below to find us. Spare Bag This is essential. Only a fool believes they will stick to their careful budget during

Get Together with Games

The problem with my elevator pitch is that I never get to the end of it before someone joins in. When I started the business everyone said - you need an elevator pitch. I looked askance and they said - you have to be able to explain the business in less than a minute. (With society's dwindling attention span that's probably more like 3 seconds now- but that's a different blog about how board games will save society). So, I start my 'pitch' and before I get to the end I'm in a conversation about board games - I'm scribbling recommendations down in my notebook; they're asking me for recommendations or we are just reminiscing. But it's not all reminiscing - the board game renaissance is in full

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