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John Richard Jones Eulogy

I wanted to save this somewhere so that anyone who wants to can read it. I want people to remember my Dad and it was a privilege to write this with the help of my family and then read it at the funeral mass. It was lovely to hear people laughing at my Dad's corny jokes and to share our memories. *** John Richard Jones 23 April 1931 ~ 28 February 2018 Mum and Dad lived in Liverpool during the blitz. While Mum was evacuated Dad’s family stayed together and Dad always proudly told the tale of how his Dad kept the family together and also tales of the war. It must have been terrifying and one of my favourite stories (and one I know Edward and Molly liked to hear) was the time their house was bom

Once upon a time in the West it wasn't all Doom and Gloom: the beauty of Storytelling Games.

Storytelling is an ageless activity bred of an instinctive human desire to connect with others. Back when we lived in caves and all you needed to do to impress someone was light a fire, we would sit round that fire and tell stories: stories of the mythic beasts we had slain; cautionary stories of the dangers our youngsters should avoid; stories of comical mishaps and misunderstandings. Playing games is an ancient pastime, and it's no coincidence that games is another great way to connect with other humans. So, what could be better at connecting us than games that tell stories? Here are some of our favourite story telling style games: Verbositi Players use the letters that are revealed to cre

Welcome to The Niche.

Years ago I started Morris Dancing. Those of you who aren't fans of 'the Morris' may not know that there are different styles of Morris: Northwest, Cotswold, Border, Molly... and there's just where it starts. Each discipline has its own exacting requirements and those vary depending on who you speak to- debates about what angle and height your knees should be in NorthWest, the disgust at feeble stick thwacking in Cotswold are the thin ends of a niche wedge. I've had many, long and heated conversations about what constitutes traditional dance. And that's all before I start on Sword dancing which I also do - although that's "Not morris, it's traditional English Dance" Yep, Morris then? It had

Word Up! The guide to word games!

Word games are my favourite but least played games. The double edged sword of an English degree and English teaching for 17 years means that not only will no-one play with me but if they do concede, the expectations are so high that I often just crumble under the pressure. Then win. I'm the person you all look at when they say 'Literature' in the pub quiz or when anyone wants to know what any word means. I don't know what every word is and I haven't read every book. Even writing this blog I can feel the weight of your expectations. You may assume I know loads of good words. Please re-read that last sentence and adjust your expectations accordingly. So in no particular order we have: 1. Scrab

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