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Games for a laugh

Board games can be a serious business. Try circulating at an event, trying to capture photos of people having a great time playing games and you'll soon see: the furrowed brows; the intense examination of a hand of cards; the co-operative players desperately trying to escape The Curse of The Temple. It's all fun and games till someone loses a die. In this week's blog I want to look at the lighter side of board gaming, focusing on 6 games that will make you laugh. The Cheese Touch How well do you really know these people - your family, friends and fellow gamers? Thanks to the Cheese Touch, you are about to find out. As you move around the board you have to complete tasks like- miming an actio

Don your Deerstalker! A guide to detective games.

Whether you prefer to drink real ale, drive classic cars and shout at Junior Detectives, wear a deerstalker and have sharp cheekbones, or exercise your little grey cells (and if you didn't read that in a Belgian accent you've let yourself down) - you will certainly enjoy these detective games. In our house we love a bit of intense sleuthing and here are some of our choices... Cluedo Classics are classics for a reason and Cluedo is no exception. It is yet another Waddingtons Leeds success story. But, unlike Monopoly and despite the macabre theme, it doesn't inspire actual murder. Internationally successful to this day, the game is widely known as Clue abraod. A reissue of the game in 2008 saw

Where are we now? Mental health and my small business.

Over a year since our launch and most company directors have to publish a yearly review. But I'm in charge so it's a blog post! This feels self indulgent and I wasn't sure whether to write this but then I thought - that's just the mental health talking - so I'm persisting anyway. Taking time to reflect. Since February, not only has the weather been appalling but I've also been home with a poorly teenager. Now, if I stay in the house too long, I start to go stir crazy. But I've ended up stuck indoors far more than I would like and recently, I had a particularly challenging week. I could feel my grip on my mind slipping through my fingers; everything seemed bleak. I do battle with with my ment

How I win at Charity Shopping.

I have always enjoyed an amble round the charity shops and since starting Cards or Die, I can amble with renewed purpose. Or 'pop in - just for a minute' as I refer to it when trailing a reluctant trio of kids. But in fact, I am not merely aimlessly ambling. It may surprise you to learn that there is a charity shopping strategy. And, no one expects the charity shopping strategy. (Dramatic entrance, swirling red cloak) The key element in successful charity shopping is luck. Luck is the main element; luck and a fanatical devotion to bargains. OK... the two key elements are luck, a fanatical devotion to bargains and the willingness to take a risk.... (Goes out, bursts in again) The many faceted

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