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Jolly and Instructive Games

I love vintage games: the look of them; the language on the box and in the instruction booklet; the fact many others have already loved them. Occasionally you get a glimpse of a certain era not only the game but its accoutrements. As you unpack them for the first time you might remember the scarcity of board games 30, 40 or more years ago. The game you are holding was carefully chosen to join precious other games on a shelf. You can feel that magic, a link to the memories that someone else has cherished. Trek Trek is a jolly game of mountaineering. Be the first to reach the summit to win. Trek is a delicate balance of resource management and luck. Run out of either supplies or luck and you'

The fine art of Board Games

On the 7th and 8th July it is The Horsforth Walk of Art. It will be the first year that Cards or Die have taken part and I couldn't be more excited. Art is a passion of mine; I don't visit a city without taking in the art gallery. Some of my favourite places are The Yorkshire Sculpture Park (especially the Deer Shelter), the pre-raphaelites section of Birmingham city art gallery and when I lived in York I used to spend a disproportionate amount of time sitting in front of Sea by David Nash. This passion is evident in my board games collection too - I like the confusing beauty of Dixit; the pleasantly tactile Ticket to Ride and the dark comic book brilliance of Gloom. So we'll be putting up t

Why Cards or Die? The naming of businesses.

Writing a blog always feels, at best a little self indulgent and at worst self obsessed. One of the first things people often ask about the business is 'Why Cards or Die?' so I thought I would write something down. And, while I wrangle with my anxiety and self doubt, feel free to read this, ponder or disregard it! The naming of a business is a big deal. This is the first thing people see or hear of you. What was that trite 80s Head and Shoulders strapline? "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". All the great bloggers and gurus find inspirational quotations from 80s commercials - as well as solutions to dandruff issues. In choosing a name we must consider what impression

Forest of Fate: choose your own demise.

Do you fondly remember Choose Your Own Adventure Books? Fighting Fantasy? I'm sure I even got one free with my weetabix in the 80s, and I loved it. If these hold fond memories for you, then Forest of Fate is the perfect game for you. Passionate about Role Playing Games and want to introduce non-gamers to your passion? -look no further. Love a gripping story and fabulous artwork in your game - you need this in your life. Don't value your life, your face or your vital organs? - this was made especially for you. The first thing I loved about this game was the artwork. It is a visually stunning game and the fact that the cards match the background on the relevant computer page is a brilliant det

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