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Guest Blog - Meeple Like Us

It’s almost time again for the Spiel des Jahres - it’s the closest thing we have to Oscars for board games. What I’d like to take this guest post opportunity to do is talk about the role the Spiel des Jahres can play in helping ensuring our hobby becomes as inclusive as it possibly can be. The various categories of the Spiel des Jahres are important. You know that already otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this article. The awards, and their nominees, are an intense subject of speculation amongst board-game connoisseurs the world over. There are real cultural and economic rewards that come from being nominated, and greater rewards still for the games that win. More than anything else,

The Black Dog

That bloody dog is at my heels again. I can feel its breath, sense rather than hear the heavy thud of its paws as it feeds on my shadow and grows bigger, stronger. I try hard not to feed it, not to tempt it closer with those intrusive thoughts or the automatic negative thoughts which move in waves - waxing and waning like the tides. I want to write a blog. I'd love to review a game or share something amazing with you but instead I am preoccupied with that bloody hound. I started this blog last week but of course my visitor meant that I was robbed of the power or will to actually finish it, let alone publish it. This is not one coherent blog post, rather, it is a collection of snippets glimps

Zombies!!! The Game.

If you've perused my games menu, you may have noticed that I have a penchant for Zombie games! From a young age (probably too young) I enjoyed watching all sorts of horror films. With the exception of a few well made favourites like The Exorcist, The Shining and Don't Look Back, I have favoured trash or ridiculous storylines which zombie films have in abundance. I enjoyed Black Sheep (a film about zombie sheep in New Zealand - a twist on the 5 people get stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere trope), Dead Snow (nazi zombies who meet a sticky end, also involving a cabin - this time in the wilds of Norway) and of course, Shaun of the Dead. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favourite films. It'

Magic Maze, and team building without having to talk to anyone.

We all love work don't we, and what do we love more than work? A training day. And the best type of training day? Joy of joys - a team building day. Well, what if I told you that for part of your team building day you can't talk to your colleagues? If, like me you prefer to work in splendid isolation then this may be the team building day for you! Cooperative gaming is all about working together as a team to overcome adversity or challenge. A kind of all for one and one for all mentality. You need to strategise and move as a team to survive. But in these silent games communication is no longer enough -you have to engage your empathy. No-one can just take control here and make all the decisio

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