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My Big Potato Games Box - Part Two

There were so many fab games in my Big Potato box of goodness that I have split them over two blogs. Click on the link to see Cards or Die's events and Come and See Us to try them out before you buy. And click here to checkout the games crate on Big Potato games. While some of the games are inappropriate for younger players, I would urge you to have a look and judge the contents yourself as some of the games - such as Mr Lister and Truth Bombs are fun for younger ones too. My children 10, 11 and 13 really enjoy those in particular, making them perfect family games. Chameleon Plays 3-8 Age 14+ Duration 15mins The aim of the game is to suss out who the chameleon is without revealing the secret

My Big Potato Games Box - Part One: the quizzes.

Obama Llama and Bucket of Doom have long been staples at Cards or Die events so I was very excited when I recently received a box full of goodness from Big Potato games. I thought I'd give you a quick peek in the box! All of these games have gone down a storm at my events. They play either in teams or for larger groups which instantly makes them sociable games. All are easy to learn and many of them follow similar principles. Here, I'm going to look at the quiz based games. Weird Things Humans Search For Plays 3-20 Age 14+ Duration 20mins This is the newest offering from Big Potato games. To win your team needs to complete the sentence with the most commonly googled term. You gain points for

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