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Patricia Jones Eulogy

Having only recently completed my Dad's eulogy, it was hard to face writing Mum's last week. Losing both parents so close together has been tough even more so because of Mum's dementia which meant that we lost her over and over again. I am saving it here as a permanent reminder of my Mum. Over the last few years Mum had become less and less Mum and that has been incredibly hard to face. Mum survived so many falls, bumps, bruises, tumbles and near misses that it is simultaneously hard to believe she survived so long and that now she has gone. The illustration I always used to make sure that any health care professionals really understood the magnitude of Mum's ‘high pain threshold’ was the ti

Self Care for the Self Employed

The challenges of being self employed for me handily play right in to some of my mental health issues: fear of failure for instance - obviously best tackled by working more! That's ok though because as a self employed person working from home, I can be on call 24/7 and work any ridiculous hours I make myself. No matter how much you love board games they can never be classified as urgent I just need to keep this at the forefront of my mind. The fact that I set out to do more of what I love actually feeds this too. The fact that we've made the decision to become self employed suggests that we are attempting to embark on a career motivated by passion and love for our work. And there is nothing

The dog ate my blog post.

I aim to publish a blog every Sunday but sometimes life gets in the way. This week was one such week! So, I just thought I'd let you know what I've been up to! Prepare to read an elaborate web of excuses. Social Media Training On Monday I found myself delivering social media training with a specific focus on Twitter. I say 'found myself' as I'm not completely sure how I ended up with that booking. It wasn't something I felt comfortable with initially - I took some convincing to do it. My social media knowledge, it turns out, is not as obvious as I thought. Realising you have accidentally learnt a skill is a very good feeling especially as it has come as a by product of getting the business g

Movable Type - Winning at Words.

When I unwrapped this game and looked at the cards, I felt I had opened a game which had been personally designed for me. I love word games - you can read more about some of the other Cards or Die word games here. One of the frustrating things for me is how little the rest of my household enjoy them and so I rarely get to play. However, my 13 year old and my 11 year old both enjoy this one and, even if they didn't, there's a solitaire version. One of the things the children particularly enjoy is the fact it's quite tactical - you can start planning your final word in round one; pay attention to which letters others are collecting and thwart their plans. There is nothing my offspring enjoy qu

What's in your bag?

The answer is of course subject to whim and fancy but amongst the plasters, knee supports, notebooks, tiger balm, tissues, pens, paracetamol and parts of games there always nestles a little game. For those moments when you fancy a quick game: the queues, the waits, the cuppa stops or, when you look at your family and think 'here are some people who need to interact with each other more'. Geistes Blitz This is a game of speedy reactions - flip the card then either grab the object shown or if the object does not feature you must work out with lightning deduction which item and colour is not depicted. Grab the wrong object and your go is over and you've just helped your opponents along. The fir

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