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Halloween Games!

As well as amassing more Halloween decorations than one house can feasibly use, I have also got quite a few horror themed games. In time for Halloween I thought I'd give you a quick rundown of the Cards or Die horror collection. I'll just fetch them from the cellar... I'll take this torch... It does work, you just need to hit it... There we go... Back in a bit... Dentist This game offers a horrific scenario and spine chilling puns. Remove your patients' teeth without setting off the 'buzzer' to win. You have to question how effective you've been as a dentist if you are removing this many teeth. Still, at least you're not feeding anyone to a giant plant. If you haven't watched this clip with

Some trivial reminiscences – a blog from a lapsed #BGG

This week I have a guest blog from the fabulous Zebra Marketing and Communications. I grew up in a card playing family. My father’s mother – my Nanny Dosh, short for Doris obviously – taught me a host of family favourites (and the harmonica) when she used to babysit me. And my mother’s aunt – my Great Aunt Madge – taught me other games on her annual visits up North. Many a weekend was spent playing games like ‘Load the Donkey’ and ‘Beat your Neighbour Out of Doors’. Later my parents taught me other games like Pontoon (21s), Cribbage, Gin Rummy and others that you could bet a few coppers on (we took card games seriously in our house). Board games, other than the obligatory Kerplunk, Monopo

So... what have we learnt from Leeds Business Week?

This week I have attended loads of really useful events as part of Leeds Business Week run by the Yorkshire Mafia. Lots of the workshops and seminars were free which is amazing especially when you consider the amount of help and advice you can amass during this week. There are so many events on that it is impossible to attend them all. I thought it might be useful if I shared some of the key messages and ideas that I will be putting into practice. Become a Great Networker in Just One Hour - Colin Tweedie One of the features of this workshop which I feel confident that I am already nailing is having a good handshake. I am so glad that it was explicitly taught though. Too often I shake hands w

Spirits of The Forest - a review

I always maintain that Kickstarter and having a crap memory make my life infinitely better. Or at least my post. It feels like Father Christmas definitely exists as I receive random presents through the post that I have no recollection of ordering or paying for. Admittedly, he's a bit confused these days and his presents arrive willy nilly. Last week Spirits of The Forest arrived just in time for my birthday and it felt like Thundergryph games had sent me a gift. I couldn't tell you how much the game cost as it was past me that treated me to it (or possibly Father Christmas - there's no way of ever knowing). Either way it's brilliant! My hazy recollection of backing it consists of me seeing

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