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Hold the Front Page!

This weekend Neil Hudson of the Yorkshire Evening Post wrote a story about me and my business - Cards or Die. I'm so excited (as you can see by the number of copies I bought!) that instead of my usual blog post, I'm posting a link here so that you can Read All About It! Click on the picture below to go to the article and see more pictures!

Board Games are for life not just for Christmas.

My 11 year old announced this morning that one of the great things about not going to a childminder any more is that we eat together as a family now. Don't get me wrong, some nights we have TV dinners on trays and most nights someone moans: 'we always eat at the table, why can't we have a change?' or, 'we never eat at the table, why have we got to tonight?' Sometimes, infuriatingly, both these complaints are made at once. Never let the truth get in the way of a good moan. The point is - kids moan. Or at least mine do. Getting them to come off screens and interact with others is a challenge that I don't always have the energy for. Especially given that one of mine has Autism - for him, hell t

Wordopolis - the capital city of word gaming.

Wordopolis 1-3 players 30-60 minutes Age 8+ I have been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Print and Play edition of Wordopolis - the new word game from Caper Games, which is hitting Kickstarter on the 22nd January. As you know I love a word game. Wordopolis has reminded me of an important life lesson: you buy cheap*, you buy twice. If you take nothing else from this blog - remember that! My first print of Wordopolis was on 'cardboard' - I bought a pack of many sheets of this 'cardboard' very cheaply. It was like thick paper. It did allow me to have my first play-through of the game and realise that Wordopolis deserves printing on fine and beautiful card. Which - thriftily enough - y

Charades, Noise and Social Ridiculousness

Just before Christmas I received this exciting package from Gamely Games. Three pocket sized boxes of fun - perfect party games to pop in my bag and take to the pub. If you are a Dragon's Den fan you may have seen Deborah Meaden miming her way through a round of Randomise. In the end Gamely Games walked away from the den with no deal but not without offers. The games are quick to learn but offer hours of entertainment so get the gang round and settle down for a ridiculous games evening!! Randomise Players 4+ Time 30mins Age 8+ Price £11.99 (available on Amazon or direct from Gamely Games) Choose one card from each pile, pick a number and then act, draw or describe your way to victory. You ca

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