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A week in war time games.

Board gaming for me is all about bringing people together and I've done that every day this week at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. There's still Sunday left to come and see us. A whopping 1095 people have visited Cards or Die and stayed for a game or two (or more), I've told stories about the games, taught people how to play and more importantly listened to stories about and inspired by the games. I love listening to people's tales and games are often the perfect jumping off point for a great story. People handle the boxes and the memories come - trickling at first, then flooding the senses giving brief glimpses of the past. I have enjoyed snippets of conversation overheard - 'I've got a copy

War Time Gaming.

Every day over half term (16-24th February) Cards or Die will be joining the Royal Armouries Leeds in their War Games exhibition. I'm choosing a selection of war themed games and war time games from our collection for you to play or just have a look at. There will be loads of activities on throughout the week - you can see weaponry commonly found in video games, take part in historical and sci-fi scale model gaming, take part in a cyber mission and see war gaming demos. Here are some of the games Cards or Die will be bringing along: Playing Cards Playing cards have been around for centuries and were certainly in both sets of trenches, on all sides of the wars, in homes and in kit bags. By ca

This Valentine's find your perfect game set and match.

The world of online dating is fraught with cliches. Fortunately for you, I have found a practical use for them. Simply choose the cliche which best summarises you and I've matched you with your soul mate. Sad news, it turns out your soul mate is a board game. Read on to find your perfect match. All you need now is someone to play with.... 1. I like going out and staying in. Which makes me a match with everyone on here - I can't believe I'm still single (that's how my dating profile opened!). You are all things to all people, easy going and laid back, I'm starting with you first because you're the most difficult to accommodate. You will love Sushi Go. Sushi Go is a lovely portable game so you

Risk. Why is it so loved?

I finally got round to playing Risk for the first time last weekend. When I tell people what I do for a living, there's a list of games that always come up and Risk is one of them. People have fond memories of playing Risk for hours and I think perversely that has always put me off. Often the games that trigger fond reminiscences just don't stand up to scrutiny. 'Have you got Sorry?' 'Yes', I say, handing them a vintage copy. 'Wow, I remember this. This is the exact one we had.' they reply, handling the box in awe. Then they carefully put it back and play something else. 'Have you got Mousetrap?' 'Nope' 'I loved that when I was a kid. You should get it.' 'Did you? Or, did you love the idea o

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