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Hanging out at The Old Hellfire Club

The Old Hellfire Club Plays: 2-6 Time: 45- 60mins Age: 14+ Created by Jamie Frew What did you do this weekend? I hung out at the Old Hellfire Club with some old braggarts I know. We quaffed gin and they tried to impress me with their tales of derring do. They're a bunch of penniless reprobates who aren't to be trusted, constantly interrupting one another with increasingly implausible claims. Honestly, nothing much impresses me anymore... not since that time I cheated death and still made it home in time for tea... So begins the Old Hellfire Club. A card game with a fun, original twist. Players assume the character of a penniless Victorian sot making outrageous claims using the cards in their

Get Billy The Kid - first impressions

Plays 4-8 At 4 players it comprises 3 lawmen and Billy The Kid, at 5 you add Martha Garcia - Billy's accomplice). Time 20-30 minutes Age 9+ Get Billy The Kid - affectionately known as 'The Kid' finally made it to our table on Friday (...and Saturday... and Sunday). It's a print and play version and although I finally got round to investing in some decent cardboard I know that the actual game will be much shinier and lovelier. But these pictures will give you a flavour of the game. The Kid comes from Caper Games - the makers of Get Adler, Vertium and Shooterz. It uses the same game mechanic as Get Adler so if you enjoy that then you will love this too. To be fair if you own Get Adler you prob

Games for Weddings and Mental Health Meet Ups

This week I've written a guest blog for Lisa Bourne a wedding and naming ceremonies celebrant based in Yeadon Leeds. I first met Lisa when she booked me to take part in the Men's Mental Health event in Leeds. The event aimed to reach out to men and offer advice and/ or a safe space to discuss mental health issues. There were groups there who provided opportunities for men to sign up to activities or social groups which promoted inclusion, tackled the feeling of loneliness and isolation and promoted general wellbeing. Since then I have helped out at The Abbey House Museum Time to Change board games events which Lisa runs as a volunteer. Sometimes it's just me and Lisa and other times a couple

A wordless blog.

Just back from Airecon. My happiness and enjoyment are now at the same level as my desire to sit in a dark room and not speak! As I have used up all my words over the weekend this blog is mainly pictures! It has been an awesome weekend. I've met loads of fabulous, inspiring people in real life who I have only known virtually before. I have taught games, learnt new games, bought some essential earrings, added to the Cards or Die menu, resolved rules disputes between my children, argued with my children about rules, watched my children be complete charmers with other people who teach them games, met new people and old friends and generally had an awesome Airecon. And now I'm going for a lie do

Eeeek It's nearly time for Airecon.

Last year was my first Airecon. Airecon is an analog gaming convention which takes place in Harrogate next weekend (8,9 &10 March). We had a fab time playing loads of games from the library and we also learnt how to play Quirk!, Azul, Sagrada and had a game of giant Tsuro. I also treated myself to some new games. I'm looking forward to more of the same this year... 1. The Pre Airecon Warm Up! I'm really excited to be working with Bez at Airecon this year - I'll be demoing and teaching Wibbell++. We're starting early though with a pre Airecon warm up night at The Abbey Inn, Bramley - which will include some Wibbell++ tournaments and maybe even some Yogi. It's particularly special to me as it

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