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Mental Health, Board Games and Me

Every month Lisa Bourne of Time to Change Leeds, holds a board gaming meet up at Abbey House Museum. It is one of a range of events that she runs to raise awareness of mental health and also tackle social isolation. I go every month and now co-host the event, supplementing the museum's selection of games with some of my fun, unusual ones as well as helping to publicise the event. It is not a formal group by any means, there is no need to book or reserve a place, it's just an opportunity to meet in a safe environment and chat - or not - whatever you need. And that's where the games start to come into their own. Playing games gives the group a focus which is not them. There is no sitting round

I definitely absolutely wrote my blog...

I was sure it was in my bag but now I've emptied my bag out and it definitely isn't there. Maybe the dog ate it... again.... Aiming to do a fortnightly blog is usually fine, but some weeks life just gets in the way... here's what's been occupying me for the last couple of weeks. I don't usually open with my most exciting news because then, why would you read on? But, I can not contain my excitement about this.... Last weekend I learnt that there is such a thing as a 6 hole, hole punch. Then (the excitement mounts) I bought one! So this week more time than I care to mention has been spent punching holes in things and adding them to my filofax. I am now the most well organised person in the en

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