This is where you'll find my incredibly erudite insights into life, board games and stuff. And nothing says erudite more than triple emphasis and the word 'stuff'.

May 14, 2017

Style and Substance 

As you've probably gathered by now if you follow me on instagram, twitter or facebook, one of the main criteria for a successful Cards or Die game is aesthetic value. Much can be forgiven if your cards or board are pretty and charming and I have def...

May 7, 2017

You wake up late to the smell of coffee and the sizzle of bacon crisping up. The sun streams into the tent, as you unzip it, fresh air floods in. Gentle music drifts towards you, the folkiness of a melodeon or a favourite song you had almost forgotten. Someone hands yo...

May 1, 2017

It's Summer. I know it must be because lots of Morris Dancers got up at ridiculous o'clock this morning to dance the sun up for us. And that's got me thinking about Summertime games for those lazy summer evenings. While you read on, why not have a background track to g...

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