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December 29, 2018

2018 has been a great year for Cards or Die. We've brought lots of people together with board games and played thousands of games! Here are our highlights...


I love visiting board game cafes and our family started the year by visiting Treehouse Board Games Cafe,...

December 23, 2018

Wishing you all Yuletide light, love and blessings. I haven't always marked Yule but over the last few years I have embraced the celebration. It seems so natural to celebrate the end of the short winter days and the coming of the light. 2018 has been a dark year for me...

December 18, 2018

3-6 Players

14+ (or younger - our 10 year old loves this)

Less than 30mins

If you find yourself reflecting on the relentless and ever quickening passage of time in a rueful manner. Or, if you enjoy anthropomorphic chickens then this is one especially for you.

To be honest,...

December 9, 2018

Cooperative games are a perennial favourite at Cards or Die events. I enjoy them and I wonder whether there's something easier about playing a co-op with a stranger than playing a competitive game. There's certainly an amount of awkwardness in playing games like Coup o...

December 3, 2018

Update 02/12/2018 - click on the links below to see a how to play video:

2 player

solo mode

My copies of Assembly arrived last week. I'm so pleased with the look and feel of them. The larger cards work great and it's still portable enough to play on the go. All those stre...

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