Leeds Libraries Game Jam


















Join me in four workshops that will give you all the inspiration and technical know-how you need to create your game for The Leeds Libraries Games Jam!

This year the 100 Novels that changed the World provide the themes. 

There will  be 4 workshops, you can attend odd ones or all of them - each one is a separate session. 

Week 1 1st April 6.30-8pm Adventure: co-operative games.  

Week 2 8th April 6.30- 8pm Life, Death and Other Worlds: art, solo games and voting.

Week 3 15th April 6.30-8pm Crime and Conflict: programming, asymmetry and silence.  

Week 4 22nd April 6.30-8pm Rule Breakers: creating a world with components.

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I am restarting my events with the following adjustments:

  • You will need to book in advance

  • I will be doing 'table service'

  • You need to wash your hands / use hand sanitiser before handling any of the games.

  • I will come to your table with your requested game (s) or I can chat you through a few games that you might enjoy and help you choose.

  • I'll collect them once you are finished and get you another game.

  • After the games are taken from the table I will put them away and no-one else will play with them for at least 72 hours. When I get home I will sterilise all the pieces that I can.

  • As usual I will be there to explain/ teach/ introduce games and there is no pressure to finish a game if you aren't enjoying it. I will get you a different one.

With 400 games in the collection I'm in a great position to ensure that even when some games are packed away there will still be an amazing array of choices.


You can still book online events - get in touch to find out more. 


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A detective story played out in the home for ages 5+

The thing has been missing for weeks now and your grown ups can’t find it anywhere. After your success solving ‘The Case of the Missing Phone’ and ‘The Case of the Homework Eating Dog’, they have called you in to investigate.


This will not be an easy case. The grown ups aren’t even sure what the missing thing is! But they want it found quickly and they need to know how it went missing, why it went missing and what happened. It’s up to you to find the thing and answer all their questions so that no more things go missing ever again. Are you ready? Are you up to it?


Open your note book and get your thinking cap on Detective – it’s going to be a tough case to crack. 

A wonderful creative story telling adventure to explore the wonders of what lurks in the nooks and crannies of our own homes.