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A wordless blog.

Just back from Airecon. My happiness and enjoyment are now at the same level as my desire to sit in a dark room and not speak! As I have used up all my words over the weekend this blog is mainly pictures!

It has been an awesome weekend. I've met loads of fabulous, inspiring people in real life who I have only known virtually before.

I have taught games, learnt new games, bought some essential earrings, added to the Cards or Die menu, resolved rules disputes between my children, argued with my children about rules, watched my children be complete charmers with other people who teach them games, met new people and old friends and generally had an awesome Airecon.

And now I'm going for a lie down.

Websites to check out:

Bez (Games)

Emmerse (Games)

Both Sides of My Table (Solo Game Reviews)

Crafting Jones (jewellery and crafts - all manner of loveliness)

Redwell Games (games)

Dranda Games - (Makers of Solar Storm)

Games Crusade (your FLGS)

Wren Games (makers of Assembly)

Gamely Games (makers of Randomise and more)

We're Not Wizards (entertaining podcasts of the non-wizarding variety)

Yog-Shogoth (makers of the Eternal Journal)

and of course keep track of Airecon so we can do it all again next year.

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